COVID-19 Update

Yanna, The Life Experience Doula, will not be offering in-person support for hospital births as of March 23, 2020. However, virtual doula support is available and highly recommended! If you have not already, view the video above for more information, as well as the COVID CRISIS page on the menu bar.

Yanna, The Life Experience Doula, WILL attend birthing center births, and homebirths in-person, as of April 15, 2020. If you are looking for a Birth Doula, and plan to birth at a birthing center or a have a homebirth with a midwife, please book a consultation to discuss further the new policies.


Meet Yanna, CD(DTI), CLC

Why I’m a Doula

I am a Certified Full Spectrum Doula serving the Hampton Roads area of VA. I am also a Certified Lactaction Counselor. I left my career as an educator to pursue my passion of supporting families bringing new life into the world. The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more and more apparent. It is important to remember that not only the mother needs support, but the entire family as well, as they transition into this new experience. Born and raised in VA, my heart of Southern hospitality ensures I will provide adequate support for you and your family.

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Informative and Compassionate


Birthing Guidance

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Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

Helping you transition into motherhood


Virtual Doula

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Positive Experiences


My doula Yanna was just what I needed on one of the most special, life changing moments of my life. She was helpful, vigilant, knowledgable and just over all a pleasure to be around. My husband and I did not realize the value of a doula until we met and worked with Yanna. If I could give more stars, I would. Sam and I thank you for your services Yanna!

Elizabeth S.

"Every women deserves healthcare answers she can understand."

Jennie Joseph



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